Poetry of the World Wars.

Foss, Michael (ed.).

Picture of Poetry of the World Wars.
The war that began in 1914 shattered the complacent poetic calm of English poetry. ‘The blood, ordure and agony of the trenches awakened soldier poets to both horror and responsibility.’ It was a grossly cruel and grossly bungled inhumane experience. During the interwar years when appeasement reigned, war became unthinkable. In 1939 poets spoke of intimate hurts and misery, of uncertainties and hopelessness. ‘There is an emptiness – the blankness of an ultimate despair.’ This is an excellent anthology which speaks to us all.


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The Great War of 1914-18 and the Second World War of 1939-45, told in the words of some of the most immediate and moving poetry in the language - a tribute to the triumph of the human spirit over the desolation and waste of war. This collection includes many of the most famous works by the leading war poets, but also lesser-known verse by soldier (and sailor and airman) poets, as well as those by civilians. Featuring works by Sassoon, Owen, Rosenberg, Edward Thomas, Sidney Keyes and others - and those less well known for such verse, among them Hardy, Kipling, Chesterton, D. H. Lawrence, Housman and Ezra Pound. This wide-ranging anthology presents a portrait of a nation and its allies engaged in the greatest catastrophes in human history. From the hellish visions and overwhelming grief of early writers, to the more private and personal reflections of the poets of the Second World War, this collection is a eulogy to them all.

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