Practical Knots: A Step by Step Guide.

Mault, Barry.

Picture of Practical Knots: A Step by Step Guide.
The chapters group together knots of a similar type such as: basic knots and ropework; bends; hitches; loop knots and nooses; binding knots; and miscellaneous knots. Each knot is described in a series of colour photographs, and there are over 50 altogether.


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A knot book aimed at the everyday user of knots around the home and outdoors. Instead of presenting a bewildering array of knots which are of no consequence in real life, this book shows you, step by step in photographic sequence, how to tie knots, and then how they can be used for a number of practical tasks.

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Author Mault, Barry.
Format PB
Publisher Arcturus Publishing Ltd
Imprint Arcturus
Number of Pages 128
Publish Date 15/06/2015
Catalogue Aug18
Catalogue book number 168