Pregnancy After Assisted Reproductive Technology.

Jauniaux, Eric R.M. and Rizk, Botros R.M.B. (eds.).

Picture of Pregnancy After Assisted Reproductive Technology.
With more than four million babies born since the beginning of IVF, the numbers of couples seeking assisted reproductive technology is constantly growing. Controversies and ethical debates shroud this medical field, however, many of these views are not necessarily accurate. With chapters written by experts, the topics are varied and address issues such as psychological complications, multiple gestation and fertility preservation. From CUP.


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It is estimated that more than 4.5 million couples experience infertility each year, and more than 4 million babies have been born using IVF since 1978. However, assisted reproductive technologies continue to raise many medical, social, ethical, political and religious questions, often leading to controversial and sometimes inaccurate opinions about the outcomes of pregnancies resulting from these techniques. This is the first book dedicated to pregnancies arising from assisted reproductive technologies (ART). Chapters cover the most important management issues, from early pregnancy to outcome of children resulting from ART, including gynaecological, genetic and obstetric complications. Each chapter is written and edited by leading experts in the field of human reproduction. A timely, practical and evidence-based guide to the management of ART pregnancies, based on 30 years of clinical experience, this is essential reading for reproductive and maternal-fetal specialists as well as general obstetricians and gynaecologists.

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Author Jauniaux, Eric R.M. and Rizk, Botros R.M.B. (eds.).
Format HC
Publish Date 0/01/1900
Catalogue Jan18
Catalogue book number 233