Puritan Islam: The Geoexpansion of the Muslim World.

Vann, Barry A.

Picture of Puritan Islam: The Geoexpansion of the Muslim World.
He offers an in-depth look at the potential negative impact of fundamentalist Muslims immigrating to non-Muslim countries. High levels of fertility and a traditional puritan background means little inclination to accept a pluralistic, multicultural, live-and-let-live concept of society.


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This is an insightful and revealing look at the ways in which Puritan Islam influences perceptions of community and geography. Muslim enclaves composed of recent immigrants are an increasingly common part of society in Western Europe, North America, and South America. Unfortunately, this has sometimes resulted in conflicts between long-established residents and the newcomers. This is especially true of Muslim immigrants from a very traditional or puritan background, who have radically different notions of self, community, governance, and nation, to secularized citizens of other backgrounds. "Puritan Islam" is a unique analysis of Muslim population shifts in the Western world that provides fresh insights into the theological factors and influences that affect these demographic trends and perceptions of community.

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Author Vann, Barry A.
Format HC
Publisher Prometheus Books
Imprint Prometheus Books
Number of Pages 228
Publish Date 20/09/2011
Catalogue Jul18
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