Quick Pint After Work.

Lewis, Luke.

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Works its way through linguistic piffle to translate all the b…s..t phrases into real English. For example: Where do you live? means How expensive is your house? Farmer’s Market: Place where very middle class people do their shopping to indicate that they are better than you; Frenzied knife attack – as opposed to a calm and gentle one; and Studio Flat – a box where loneliness is your only friend.


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Jargon, cliches, euphemisms . . . lies. Ever wished there was a phrasebook to help you translate all this endless bullsh*t? When your boss asks 'Can I have a quick word?' (real meaning: I don't have anything to discuss, I just like putting the fear of God into you) or an estate agent describes something as having 'incredible potential' (real meaning: absolute shithole), you'd better have Luke Lewis's essential new book to hand. And if you need a way to spin your latest work disaster, here are numerous tried-and-tested porkies to help you out. Based on the incredibly popular BuzzFeed series 'What People Say vs What They Mean', this in an indispensible - and hilarious - guide to interpreting secret codes, little white lies and complete and utter bollocks. Examples from What People Say at Work vs What They Mean: 'Anyone fancy a cup of tea?' - Offer strictly limited to the three people in my immediate vicinity. 'This is beyond my remit' - I can't be arsed to deal with this 'Team player' - Has basic social skills, is not an outright sociopath 'Let's park this for now' - Let's never mention this again 'We wish her all the best in her new job' - Burn in hell, traitor

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Author Lewis, Luke.
Format HC
Publisher Little, Brown Book Group
Imprint Sphere
Number of Pages 288
Publish Date 23/10/2014
Catalogue Jul19
Catalogue book number 214