Reading Claudius: A Memoir in Two Parts.

Heller, Caroline.

Picture of Reading Claudius: A Memoir in Two Parts.
She has written a dual memoir of her parents’ lives and her own. Her parents met in a circle of intellectuals in Prague before World War II. Through the darkest years her parents-to-be always turned to literature to help them survive. The man who became her father was sent to Buchenwald where he endured hellish conditions. His daughter, restless and insecure, makes peace with her heritage through her love of books and writers. This ‘…manages to unearth a whole lost world with aching tenderness and regret.’


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Caroline Heller s unforgettable book is a memoir told in two parts. In Part I, Heller depicts the lives of her mother, father, uncle, and their close friends, who were all at the center of the Jewish literary and intellectual cafe culture in Prague during the 1930 s. Heller recreates the time and place in vivid detail the expressions and clothing, the dialogue and gestures, thoughts, and emotions; her extensive historical knowledge transformed into a gripping narrative. As Hitler s power continues to grow, the world and culture Heller s family and friends treasured is destroyed forever, and they are all forced to flee the country and continent. Heller s father, however, is captured at the border and imprisoned in Buchenwald for six years- his powerful letters to Heller s mother and uncle form the centerpiece of the book. Part II begins at Caroline s birth, and follows her childhood and coming of age, as she struggles to understand the mysteries of her parents lives, and her own life s relation to the momentous historical events that shaped her family s story. Poignant and moving, Heller s memoir is a family history that reimagines the possibilities of the genre, a book for anyon

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Author Heller, Caroline.
Format HC
Publisher The Dial Press
Imprint Random House Inc
Number of Pages 320
Publish Date 4/08/2015
Catalogue BI001
Catalogue book number 228