Really Clever Crosswords.

Wilk, David Levinson.

Picture of Really Clever Crosswords.
Here are 72 puzzles created by one of America’s most clever crossword creators, who has had his puzzles published in newspapers all over the country. The book is spiral bound for ease of use and the answers can be found at the back.


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The spiralbound format makes the book easy to write in. This fantastically cunning collection makes for great entertainment and smart solving. Created by a master constructor, these 72 really clever crosswords are brimming with inventive wordplay, tricky clues, and mind-melting themes. Each puzzle is a unique challenge of mental agility!

Book Details

Author Wilk, David Levinson.
Format Spiral bound
Publisher Sterling Publishing Co Inc
Imprint Sterling
Number of Pages 96
Publish Date 7/10/2014
Catalogue Nov18
Catalogue book number 190