Rowing After the White Whale: A Crossing of the Indian Ocean by Hand.

Adair, James.

Picture of Rowing After the White Whale: A Crossing of the Indian Ocean by Hand.
One Sunday, over lunch and a few drinks, flatmates James Adair and Ben Stenning decided to row across a random ocean. As they had no sailing or rowing experience it could be risky. But hey, what could possibly go wrong ? But they did it. Across the Indian Ocean over 116 days they experienced eerie calms, capsizing in storms, moonbows and meteor showers passing whales, thieving fish, lurking sharks and giant squid. It is a rousing tale of a wonderful modern-day adventure.


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`Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut' - Ernest Hemingway Over a boozy Sunday lunch, flatmates James Adair and Ben Stenning made a promise to row across the ocean. At first they considered the Pacific, then the Atlantic, but once James Cracknell and Ben Fogle completed the high-profile Atlantic Rowing Race, their thoughts turned to the Indian Ocean, longer and tougher than the Atlantic and having seen fewer people row across its waters than have walked on the Moon. After years of planning and fund raising, they are ready to launch in Spring 2011. Neither James nor Ben had any rowing or sailing experience. To add to this, James had contracted Guillain-Barre syndrome at the age of 14, which had locked his body into total paralysis for three months (while his mind had remained completely active) and which had left him with paralysed feet. This was a challenge that neither man should have ever considered ...

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Author Adair, James.
Format PB
Publisher Birlinn General
Imprint Polygon An Imprint of Birlinn Limited
Number of Pages 224
Illustrations illustrations
Publish Date 3/03/2015
Catalogue Mar18
Catalogue book number 303