Samuel and His God.

Steussy, Marti J.

Picture of Samuel and His God.
Reviewed as a 'sophisticated literary analysis of the Bible's Samuel traditions that will appeal to a broad range of readers.' This is her exploration of the relationship between a prophet, his people and their god. Samuel's relationship with God is often contentious - Samuel is presented as an irascible and ambitious character, one of the most complex personalities in the Old Testament.


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Samuel and His God explores the relationship among a prophet, his deity, and their people in 1 Samuel. Marti J. Steussy illumines the vexing elements central to this multifaceted narrative and probes the questions it raises, particularly with regard to the authoritative voice of Samuel, of God as portrayed in this account, of the narrator or narrators, and of the Bible itself. In this sense, Samuel becomes a case study in how the Bible's authors use stories to argue for who may speak for God.Samuel hears the Lord's calling as a boy, becomes a servant to the priest Eli, and later becomes Eli's successor. As a leader of the people of Israel and a conduit for God's message, Samuel is a figure of immense authority, ultimately anointing the first two kings of Israel, Saul and David, and thus precipitating the transformation of Israel from a collection of tribes into a nation under a monarchy. But in biblical and historical portrayals of Samuel's interactions with his God, their people, and these early kings, the narratives introduce significant discontinuities and disruptions, most famously with respect to the question of whether kingship came to Israel as a sinful human initiative or as a divine gift.Steussy takes up the challenge of helping readers grapple with the possibility that a multitude of storytellers representing disparate agendas may be responsible for aspects of Samuel's tale, and this makes mapping the cumulative story a problematic but revealing task. Samuel's story is further complicated by our embedded notions about prophets, God, and the nature of the Bible itself. The relationship between Samuel and God is often contentious, and the God of Samuel is a pre-Axial deity who does not necessarily act according to our usual assumptions about the "biblical God." Samuel is presented as an irascible and ambitious character whose own stakes in his community at times govern how he interprets and represents his relationship to his God. Steussy's close readings negotiate the plethora of viewpoints to be found here--those of the narrator(s), the characters, and other scholars of Samuel's story--to give us a comprehensive and richly nuanced portrait of one of the more complex personalities of the Old Testament.

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Author Steussy, Marti J.
Format HC
Series Title Studies on Personalities of the Old Testament
Publisher University of South Carolina Press
Imprint University of South Carolina Press
Number of Pages 131
Publish Date 2010/11/15
Catalogue Apr16
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