Second World.

Shah, Eddy.

Picture of Second World.
A thriller which takes the reader into the parallel world of today’s virtual reality internet, the last free territory of the people. But the politicians have moved in on this territory, ruthlessly enforcing strict rules and policing cyberspace. The defenders of freedom soon become public enemy number one, and only the disillusioned recluse, Conor Smith stands against the forces of chaos.


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Lured from his birthday celebrations by a Marilyn Monroe avatar, the US president finds himself abducted into cyberspace by a mysterious presence called `The Voice'. With only twenty-four hours before it will become impossible to return his consciousness to his body, the secret services are thrown into panic. The one called in to solve the mystery of his disappearance is Conor Smith, a disillusioned GameMaster, who enlists the help of Andi and Tebor, two young people who are permanently `missing in the Web'. Soon they are investigating every corner of the overcrowded area of WebWorld known as the Brick. Meanwhile a couple of mysterious murders escalates the tension, both in VR and Reality, and paranoia reigns as the hero gradually tracks down the mysterious forces that always seem a couple of steps ahead.

Book Details

Author Shah, Eddy.
Format PB
Publisher Pan Macmillan
Imprint Pan Books
Number of Pages 608
Publish Date 7/11/2008
Catalogue ER018
Catalogue book number 837