Seeds: Safeguarding Our Future.

Fry, Carolyn.

Picture of Seeds: Safeguarding Our Future.
The human race owes much to the evolution of seeds. This is a well illustrated story of seeds and how they have helped people thrive on earth, by adapting, thriving and dispersing. It discusses the work of conservationists and seed banks around the world (there are two in Australia). It is really, really interesting. Recommended.


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At a time when the world faces increasing pressures from climate change and biodiversity loss, seeds have never been more important. Highly complex, they have evolved in myriad ways to adapt to their environments. In this book we explore how seed-bearing plants evolved, and unravel the science behind the seed. We also show how scientists are working around the world to gather and bank seeds to save rare and valuable varieties from extinction.

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Author Fry, Carolyn.
Format HC
Publisher The Ivy Press
Imprint The Ivy Press
Number of Pages 192
Publish Date 14/04/2016
Catalogue Jul19
Catalogue book number 105