Set Puzzles: Find Sets, Group Them, Fill the Grid.

Phillips, Dave.

Picture of Set Puzzles: Find Sets, Group Them, Fill the Grid.
The challenge of this unique collection of 126 puzzles is to organise each puzzle into ‘sets’. A set is defined as a grouping of adjacent tiles that meet the conditions set forth for each puzzle. The level of difficulty increases in the order presented but the author has included a clue to help you get started. Hints and solutions are on hand for each puzzle.


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Play a hand of poker, serve a troop of monkeys two bananas each, and string together a set of charms! This unique collection by maze master Dave Phillips entices gamers into organizing each puzzle into sets. Eighteen challenges of varying difficulty, each with individual rules and clues, will captivate older puzzlists as well as younger enthusiasts. Dover Original

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Author Phillips, Dave.
Format PB
Publisher Dover Publications Inc.
Imprint Dover Publications Inc.
Number of Pages 48
Publish Date 1/11/2012
Catalogue Oct18
Catalogue book number 182