Setting the World on Fire: The Brief Astonishing Life of St. Catherine of Siena.

Emling, Shelley.

Picture of Setting the World on Fire: The Brief Astonishing Life of St. Catherine of Siena.
One of the Church's most distinguished saints is brought to life and you will learn about her idiosyncrasies and what made her so special. The author meticulously recounts the history of the Church and the political situation at that time and there is a good bibliography at the end for more details.


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One of only two patron saints of Italy, the other being St. Francis of Assisi, St. Catherine was a political powerhouse in late 14th century Europe, a time of war, social unrest and one of the worst natural disasters of all time - the plague. She worked for peace between Christians while campaigning for a holy crusade against Muslims. Though illiterate, she grew into a great writer. Though frail, she often starving herself. She offered moral guidance and inspiration to kings, queens and popes. It's easy to see why feminists have sought to claim her patronage. From her refusal to marry to her assertion that her physical appearance was of no importance, the famous Saint is ripe for modern interpretation. How did this girl, the second-youngest of 25 children of a middle-class dyer, grow to become one of the most beloved spiritual figures of all time-a theological giant to rank alongside the likes of Thomas Aquinas? Recalling her example recently, Pope Francis encouraged the young to "learn from her how to live with the clear conscience of those who do not bend to human compromises." In Setting the World on Fire, Emling offers a fascinating portrait of this powerful, charismatic woman.

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Author Emling, Shelley.
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Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
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Publish Date 11/04/2016
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