Sinatra: Behind the Legend.

Taraborrelli, J Randy.

Picture of Sinatra: Behind the Legend.
An atmospheric and evocative account providing a richly detailed narrative that traces the fabled singer’s life and career. It covers his humble beginnings in Hoboken, his rise to fame, depression, high-profile romances, underworld connections and the wonderful music he gave to the world. ‘May you live to be a hundred and may the last voice you hear be mine’ he told his audiences. (Interestingly, when we were taken to a warehouse in New Jersey to buy books recently, our business colleague driving us had the radio tuned to a station…the Sinatra station, which played only songs he sang, or sang with others {ed.}).


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Book Details

Author Taraborrelli, J Randy.
Format PB
Publisher Grand Central Publishing
Imprint Little, Brown & Company
Publish Date 11/08/2015
Catalogue Mid18
Catalogue book number 266