Sir Philip's Folly: Being the Fourth Volume of The Poor Relation.

Beaton, M. C.

Picture of Sir Philip's Folly: Being the Fourth Volume of The Poor Relation.
Three of the four owners of the Poor Relation Hotel in Bond Street are in a quandary about the fourth owner, Sir Philip Somerville, who is paying fulsome attention to the fat, vulgar, greedy Mrs. Budge. They agree she has to go. Another unwelcome guest, Lady Carruthers, is setting her cap at the young Earl of Denby. But her daughter, Arabella is in love with the dashing aristocrat.


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Commotion reigns at the Poor Relation hotel when two unwelcome ladies create chaos among the established order of things! Sir Philip Sommerville is quite the antique, but not too old to bring home a paramour: fat, vulgar and greedy Mrs Budge who, the other poor relations are agreed upon, has to go. And then there is Lady Carruthers, a highly rouged widow who passes off her grown daughter, Arabella, as a school miss while setting her own cap for the young Earl of Denby, despite the fact that young Arabella is quite smitten with the dashing golden-haired earl! So once again it is up to the other poor relations to straighten out the course of true love...

Book Details

Author Beaton, M. C.
Format PB
Series Title The Poor Relation
Publisher Little, Brown Book Group
Imprint Canvas
Number of Pages 192
Publish Date 15/08/2013
Catalogue May19
Catalogue book number 199