Dodd, Lynley.

Picture of Sniff-Snuff-Snap!
The bossy old warthog chases other creatures away from the waterhole, as he wants it all to himself. Rollicking counting rhymes will entertain the little ones, and the illustrations are terrific.


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Children will love counting the animals in this much-loved story from Lynley Dodd. 'EEEEEEEE!' squealed the warthog, 'SNIFF-SNUFF-SNAP!' He chased them away . . . BUT they all sneaked back. It's a hot day and bossy old warthog is thirsty. But so are the other animals. Will there be enough water for them all? Warthog doesn't think so . . . and maybe he's right.

Book Details

Author Dodd, Lynley.
Format PB
Publisher Penguin Group (NZ)
Imprint Puffin
Number of Pages 32
Publish Date 30/04/2018
Catalogue Jan19
Catalogue book number 1004