Solving History: The Challenge of Environmental Activism.

Rogers, Raymond A.

Picture of Solving History: The Challenge of Environmental Activism.
'The increasing domination of the world by the globalising forces of privatisation, deregulation and free trade pose a direct challenge to cultural diversity and biodiversity.' Thus conservation strategies must consider broader social issues when resisting overexploitation, and a challenge to the forces of capitalism is required. Sobering.


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Rogers argues that multi-stakeholder, round table conservation agendas (although they recognize the increasing complexity of environmental problems) have failed to deal with these problems because they do not challenge the economic interests that benefit from the increasingly global level playing field. Because there is an aggressive agenda which promotes overexploitation, any conservation initiative which hopes to be successful has to begin by resisting these forces. Not only will it be necessary to "resolve issues," we may, in fact, have to "solve history" in order to deal with environmental problems. Drawing upon his analysis of the failures of conservation set out in Nature and the Crisis of Modernity and Oceans Are Emptying: Fish Wars and Sustainability Rogers presents an activist's response to environmental concerns.

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Author Rogers, Raymond A.
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