Spend Spend Spend! A History of Shopping.

Stobart, Jon.

Picture of Spend Spend Spend! A History of Shopping.
What is it that makes us enjoy shopping? This history of (British) shopping provides some of the answers as it takes us from market shopping in the Middle Ages to growth of individual shops in the 17th century; the considerable expansion in the range of goods available to consumers in the 18th century; the development of Market Halls and Arcades, then co-operatives and department stores, and how they began the concept of buying for pleasure; today's High Streets, Precincts and Malls. Fascinating.


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A History of Shopping tells the history of Britons as shoppers, from the Middle Ages to present day.

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Author Stobart, Jon.
Format 256
Publisher The History Press Ltd
Imprint Tempus Publishing Ltd
Number of Pages 256
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Publish Date 2008/03/01
Catalogue August 2015
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