Super Con-Nerd.

Phommavanh, Oliver.

Picture of Super Con-Nerd.
Connor is a nerd and he readily admits it. But when he achieves a place in a top academic high school he doesn’t feel quite so bright. Everyone around him is incredibly smart. Can he do well enough to make his family proud, make new friends and still have time for his real destiny - drawing comic books?


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Hi, I'm Connor and I'm a nerd. I thought I knew all there was to being one. But there are better nerds out there. Super nerds. Hyper nerds. Super, hyper nerds. I thought all nerds were smart. But that's not true, because suddenly I don't feel so bright anymorea Our favourite character from Con-nerd returns in Super Con-nerd, where he finally makes it into a selective high school. If he thought the competition was intense to get into a selective school, it's tougher on the inside. Connor feels like everybody else is smarter than him and is trying to play catch up with the other super nerds, like Andrew Thompson who is top of his class. Connor's mum has loosened up and lets Connor draw his comics like Fireproof Knights, as long as his grades are good. Luckily, there's no report cards after the first week of schoola

Book Details

Author Phommavanh, Oliver.
Format PB
Publisher Penguin Books Australia
Imprint Puffin
Number of Pages 192
Publish Date 29/05/2017
Catalogue CIV01
Catalogue book number 60