Suri's Wall.

Estela, Lucy and Ottley, Matt.

Picture of Suri's Wall.
Suri grows tall and is able to look over the wall that surrounds where the children live. She describes what she sees, and the children are entranced. They love Suri for telling them of the wondrous, beautiful things beyond the wall. But can Suri keep her stories going when things are destroyed? ‘A moving tale of the power of the human spirit.’ Ages 5-8


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Eva squeezed Suri's hand. 'What's there? What can you see?' 'What can I see?' Suri looked out over the wall. 'Oh, it's beautiful, let me tell you all about it.' A moving tale of the power of the human spirit brought alive by Lucy Estela and award-winning illustrator Matt Ottley.

Book Details

Author Estela, Lucy and Ottley, Matt.
Format PB
Publisher Penguin Books Australia
Imprint Puffin
Number of Pages 32
Publish Date 2/01/2018
Catalogue Dec18
Catalogue book number 1208