Swimming on the Lawn.

Hamid, Yasmin.

Picture of Swimming on the Lawn.
Set in Khartoum in the 1960s, Farida and her family enjoy a time of fun and adventure. They ride a train to a remote village which is near the remains of Nubian pyramids and they watch the twirling dancers of the Mawlid festival. But their happy carefree lives are soon to change…


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Told through the eyes of Farida, as well as her inquisitive sister and brothers, this is a beautiful story about growing up in Sudan. Sudanese culture and customs are brought to life, from the ubiquitous tea service and hearty breakfasts to the commemoration of Muslim holidays and the rites of birth and death. But a happy childhood spent in the capital and the rural villages of 1960s Sudan ends startlingly with a sudden military coup that changes the make-up of Farida's family forever. Swimming on the Lawn is a powerful reminder that many children around the world are affected by war and are helpless against it.

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Author Hamid, Yasmin.
Format PB
Publisher Fremantle Press
Imprint Fremantle Press
Number of Pages 144
Publish Date 31/07/2017
Catalogue Jun18
Catalogue book number 6002