Take Big Bites.

Ellerbee, Linda.

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The celebrated journalist, producer, and bestselling author takes us on a remarkable culinary journey through "a life lived interestingly, if not especially intelligently." Linda Ellerbee's first two books were instant classics: "And So It Goes," a hilarious, unblinking look at television journalism that spent months as a bestseller; and "Move On," a wry, intimate look at a woman in her time that became a milestone in autobiographical writing. Now she takes us both farther afield and closer to home in a memoir of travel, food, and personal (mis)adventure that brims with warmth, wit, uncommon honesty, inspired storytelling . . . and a few recipes as well. In Vietnam, preconceptions collide with the soup. . . . In France, lust flares with the p?t? and dies with the dessert. . . .In Bolivia, a very young missionary finds her food flavored with hypocrisy . . . while at the bottom of the Grand Canyon an older woman discovers gorp is good, fear is your friend, and Thai chicken tastes best when you're soaked by rain and the Colorado River. From Italy to Afghanistan, from Mexico to Massachusetts, Ellerbee leads us on a journey of revelation, humor, and heart. "What can you say about Linda Ellerbee?" Ted Koppel once wrote. "The woman is raucous and irreverent and writes like a dream." "Take Big Bites" proves it again.

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Author Ellerbee, Linda.
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Number of Pages 320
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