Tales from the Tool Shed: The History and Use of Fifty Garden Tools.

Laws, Bill.

Picture of Tales from the Tool Shed: The History and Use of Fifty Garden Tools.
This neat volume is not restricted to the goings-on inside the tool shed, but extends its scope over the flower garden, kitchen garden, lawn, and orchard. A section on hoses reveals that an early rubber version was modelled after the way pasta was manufactured. Another section is dedicated to hats and gloves as essential kit. In the days when everyone wore hats, a gardener’s cap told you that his status was lowly, whereas the head gardener was recognized by his bowler. Packed with historical detail and practical information, this is a delight.


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RHS Tales from the Tool Shed is an historical, horticultural journey told through fifty pieces of garden gear. A treasure trove of garden paraphernalia, it explores the roots and evolution of objects, names and places, covering everything from the humble spade to architectural ornaments. Practical insights into the usage and maintenance of each tool appear throughout, along with dozens of attractive photographs, etchings and botanical illustrations. Written by the author of the bestselling Fifty Plants that Changed the Course of History, this is a book to cherish for all gardeners and garden lovers.

Book Details

Author Laws, Bill.
Format HC
Publisher Octopus Publishing Group
Imprint Mitchell Beazley
Number of Pages 224
Illustrations 150 photographs & illustrations
Publish Date 7/04/2014
Catalogue Aug19
Catalogue book number 174