That Old Cape Magic.

Russo, Richard.

Picture of That Old Cape Magic.
Jack and Joy Griffin are back on Cape Cod for a wedding. They have been married for 34 years and cracks are starting to appear. A year later there is a second wedding and Jack is starting to seriously unravel. ‘ A novel for people who are terrified of becoming their parents…a meditation on memory, ageing, inheritance, marriage, desire, and the meaning of happiness.


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Jack and Joy Griffin are back on Cape Cod - where they spent their hope-filled honeymoon - for a wedding. Cracks are begining to show in Jack's peaceful family life and thirty-four year marriage. He's driving round with his father's ashes in an urn in the boot of his car, haunted by memories of bittersweet family holidays spent at the Cape, while his ascerbic mother is very much alive and always on his mobile. He's spent a lifetime trying to be happier than his parents, but has he succeeded? A year later, at a second wedding, Jack has a second urn in the car, and his life is starting to unravel.

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Author Russo, Richard.
Format PB
Publisher Vintage Publishing
Imprint Vintage
Number of Pages 352
Publish Date 1/06/2010
Catalogue Sep17
Catalogue book number 179