The Art of Being a Well Dressed Wife.

Fogarty, Anne.

Picture of The Art of Being a Well Dressed Wife.
This was written in 1959, so it should be read considering the context of the times. It begins with a Word to Husbands 'If you adore her, you must adorn her. That is the essence of a happy marriage.' Some of the advice on your wardrobe is very good. Be relentless, she says, don't keep things that may someday come back into fashion. Fashion is for today. Oh, and when you shop, be in a shopping mood (so

true). Loads of fun, and good advice too.


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In this gorgeous style guide from the 50s, American fashion designer Anne Fogarty reveals the secrets of 'wife-dressing' - the art of looking chic on all occasions, be it at a cocktail party, on the tennis pitch or in the boudoir. Illustrated with Fogarty's stylish drawings and 50s fashion photography from John French, this handbag-sized guide contains all the advice and inspiration you need to make you the happiest and hippest couple in town.

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Author Fogarty, Anne.
Format HC
Publish Date 1900/01/00
Catalogue Feb17
Catalogue book number 261