The Art of Persuasion.

Midalia, Susan.

Picture of The Art of Persuasion.
Hazel is 25. She has quit her job and lost her way. To pass the time she starts to read the classics, starting at ‘A’. When she meets an irresistible older man, she is smitten. He seems to like her very much as well. But why is he resisting? And what can Jane Austen teach a young 21st century woman about life and love? ‘A witty and tender comedy of manners that also has political bite.’


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Twenty-five-year-old Hazel is reading the classics, starting with 'A'. It's one way to pass the time when you've quit your job and lost your way. But then she has a chance encounter with an irresistible older man. When Hazel is partnered with him on a political campaign, her attraction is deepened by the strength of his convictions. Adam seems to be attracted to her too - but why is he resisting? And what does Jane Austen have to teach a young woman about life, love and literature in the 21st century?

Book Details

Author Midalia, Susan.
Format PB
Publisher Fremantle Press
Imprint Fremantle Press
Number of Pages 244
Publish Date 2/04/2018
Catalogue Oct18
Catalogue book number 1030