The Aunts' House.

Stead, Elizabeth.

Picture of The Aunts' House.
Set in Sydney in 1942, the story involves the recently orphaned Angel Martin who now lives in a boarding house populated by eccentric characters. But not everyone there is kind, particularly her landlady, Mrs Potts. Angel focuses her affections on her two maiden aunts who resist the overtures of their niece. But her visits to their house on the bay expand Angel’s world and change her.


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Sydney, 1942. Recently orphaned, Angel Martin moves into a boarding house populated by an assortment of eccentric and colourful characters. She's befriended by the gregarious Winifred Varnham - a vision in exotic fabrics - and the numerically gifted Barnaby Grange. But not everyone is kind and her scrimping landlady, Missus Potts, is only the beginning of Angel's troubles. Angel refuses to accept her fate. She is determined to forge a sense of belonging despite rejection from her two maiden aunts, Clara and Elsa, who blame Angel's mother for their brother's death. Her Sunday visits to the aunts' house by the Bay expand her world in ways she couldn't have imagined. Elizabeth Stead brings her classic subversive wit and personal insight to this nostalgic portrait of wartime Sydney. In Angel Martin, she has created a singular and irrepressible character. A true original.

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Author Stead, Elizabeth.
Format PB
Publisher University of Queensland Press
Imprint University of Queensland Press
Number of Pages 288
Publish Date 2/04/2019
Catalogue Aug19
Catalogue book number 8039