The Big Splash!.

Benjamin, A. H.

Picture of The Big Splash!.
Beaver, Fox, Skunk and Raccoon are all minding their own business and doing what they like to do best when along comes Buffalo to take them on a scary but very enjoyable ride. The illustrations are great and the story is heart-warming. For littlies aged 3-6.


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Skunk, Fox, Raccoon, Beaver and Hare are all scared of the creature who goes Da-dump! Da-dump! Da-dump! He has fiery nostrils, a great big head and hooves of thunder! But eventually they have nowhere left to hide and they are forced to face what they fear the most. This fun story by acclaimed author AH Benjamin is a bedtime classic, helping young children face their fears to discover it's not such a scary world after all.

Book Details

Author Benjamin, A. H.
Format PB
Publisher Digital Leaf
Imprint Digital Leaf
Number of Pages 32
Illustrations Throughout
Publish Date 31/03/2014
Catalogue Nov17
Catalogue book number 54