The Birthplace.

James, Henry.

Picture of The Birthplace.
Neither the name of Shakespeare nor that of Stratford appears directly in this short piece by James, and yet both are absolutely central to his plot. Visitors to the birthplace of England’s most famous poet turn out to be so in need of cosy stories about the man regardless of the lack of evidence and artefacts that, when the new warden can finally bring himself to provide this, he is a great success.


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Blackport-on-Dwindle - 'all granite, fog and female fiction' - has been the Gedges' dull hometown for some years. They leap, therefore, at the invitation to become the live-in guardians of the birthplace of the nation's literary hero. Anticipating romance and inspiration - all that has been lacking in their lives to date - they find, instead, that the house casts an altogether more sinister spell. In The Birthplace, James displays his eye for character and a wry appreciation of pretension and the absurd. As is famously recorded, James doubted Shakespeare's authorship of the plays ascribed to him and The Birthplace illustrates his cynical attitude towards the cult of the Bard and the visitor industry that it had engendered. The Birthplace is published here alongside The Private Life, another little-known work in which James again considers the relevance of the artist's persona - a theme with continued relevance in literature and the arts.

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Author James, Henry.
Format PB
Series Title Hesperus Classics
Publisher Hesperus Press Ltd
Imprint Hesperus Press Ltd
Number of Pages 140
Publish Date 24/02/2012
Catalogue ER018
Catalogue book number 497