The Blue Guitar.

Banville, John.

Picture of The Blue Guitar.
Set in Ireland it tells the story of a well-known painter who is also a thief. He does not steal for personal benefit but for the titillation of the pleasure of possession. This includes Polly, the wife of his friend Marcus. When the liaison is discovered, he hides himself in the house he grew up in, and reveals his life over the course of a year.


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From John Banville, one of the world's greatest writers, comes The Blue Guitar, a story of theft and the betrayal of friendship. Adultery is always put in terms of thieving. But we were happy together, simply happy. Oliver Orme used to be a painter, well known and well rewarded, but the muse has deserted him. He is also, as he confesses, a petty thief; he does not steal for gain, but for the thrill of it. HIs worst theft is Polly, the wife of his friend Marcus, with whom he has had an affair. When the affair is discovered, Oliver hides himself away in his childhood home. From here he tells the story of a year, from one autumn to the next. Many surprises and shocks await him, and by the end of his story, he will be forced to face himself and seek a road towards redemption. Shortlisted for the Kerry Group Irish Novel of the Year 2016 Praise for Ancient Light: 'Everything I want from a love story: sexy, convincing, baffling, funny, sad and unforgettable' Evening Standard, Books of the Year 'Illuminating, funny, devastating. A meditation of breathtaking beauty and profundity on love and loss and death' Financial Times

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Author Banville, John.
Format HC
Publisher Penguin Books Ltd
Imprint Viking
Number of Pages 256
Publish Date 3/09/2015
Catalogue Mid18
Catalogue book number 180