The Checkout Girl: My Life on the Supermarket Conveyor Belt.

Ahmad, Tazeen.

Picture of The Checkout Girl: My Life on the Supermarket Conveyor Belt.
Part inside scoop, part analysis of the recession, part tales of simply watching the human race pass by, and part an expose of the working practices of a supermarket giant, these are the acute and sometimes hilarious observations by the author who spent six months working in Sainsbury’s, and kept a diary of her time on the tills.


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How much do you really know about what goes on at your local supermarket? We see them every week and they are privy to some of our most intimate secrets - those we wouldn't even share with our closest friends. To us they are the anonymous helpers for whom nothing is too much trouble. But for them, every customer has a part in a gripping soap-opera of lovers' tiffs, family feuds and extraordinary innuendos - turning the daily life of a checkout girl into a hilariously entertaining farce. As we began to contend with the recession, Tazeen Ahmad realised that the supermarket checkout was the perfect place to gauge how the nation was coping with increasing job cuts, sky-high food prices and a billion pound hole in our economy. The answer, it turns out, was with white bread, ice cream and lots and lots of potatoes. Sworn at, flirted with and at the receiving end of endless customer rants, The Checkout Girl is the deliciously gossipy memoir of life on the supermarket conveyor belt where each one of us has unwittingly had a walk-on part. Reading her story will change the way you shop forever.

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Author Ahmad, Tazeen.
Format PB
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers
Imprint The Friday Project Limited
Number of Pages 272
Publish Date 6/08/2009
Catalogue BI001
Catalogue book number 8