The Christmas Peg.

Williams, Cameron and Martin, Matthew.

Picture of The Christmas Peg.
Wal was naughty one year, so Santa saw his name on the naughty list. Wal was upset on Christmas morning when he found that all Santa left him was a peg. The next year he was naughty and all he got was a picture of a peg. The year after that he was terribly naughty and there was nothing at all for Wal. Something had to change. That Christmas Wal's sack was full to the brim because he had been so good.


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From Cameron Williams and Matthew Martin comes a hilarious and energetic story about the worst Christmas present ever. Wal tries to be good, he really does, but his bad behaviour lands him on Santa's Naughty List. And all he gets for Christmas is a peg. Can Wal ever change his ways?

Book Details

Author Williams, Cameron and Martin, Matthew.
Format HC
Publisher Penguin Books Australia
Imprint Viking Australia
Number of Pages 32
Publish Date 21/10/2015
Catalogue MP056
Catalogue book number 69