The Cochlear Story.

Bondarew, Veronica and Seligman, Peter.

Picture of The Cochlear Story.
The development of this hearing implant has had positive results all over the world. Indeed an American aunt was thrilled to get one and discover it had come from the country of her birth. This tells the wonderful story of the development history and the commercialising of the Australian medical invention on a global scale. From the CSIRO.


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Cochlear Ltd, together with its university partner and many other collaborators, has returned hearing to over 160 000 people thanks to the development of its hearing implant. This book documents the human story behind that development. It delves into the commercial planning and implementation that led to the product's success in an international, highly competitive market, and the human drama that was experienced in achieving it. The Cochlear Story aims to put this Australian development on the world map in recognition of Australian medicine, science, technology and business.

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Author Bondarew, Veronica and Seligman, Peter.
Format PB
Series Title Bright Ideas Series
Publisher CSIRO Publishing
Imprint CSIRO Publishing
Number of Pages 248
Publish Date 6/09/2012
Catalogue Nov19
Catalogue book number 283