The Complete Works of Primo Levi.

Levi, Primo.

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The three volumes, edited by Ann Goldstein, with an introduction by Toni Morrison, come in a slip case. All his fiction and non-fiction is included. There are new translations of The Periodic Table

, If This is a Man

, Collected Poems

, Lilith and Other Stories

, The Drowned and the Saved

and many more. His wonderful achievements can now be yours.


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Primo Levi, the Italian-born chemist once described by Philip Roth as that "quicksilver little woodland creature enlivened by the forest's most astute intelligence," has largely been considered a heroic figure in the annals of twentieth-century literature for If This Is a Man, his haunting account of Auschwitz. Yet Levi's body of work extends considerably beyond his experience as a survivor. Now, the transformation of Levi from Holocaust memoirist to one of the twentieth century's greatest writers culminates in this publication of The Complete Works of Primo Levi. This magisterial collection finally gathers all of Levi's fourteen books-memoirs, essays, poetry, and fiction-into three slip-cased volumes. Thirteen of the books feature new translations, and the other is newly revised by the original translator. Nobel laureate Toni Morrison introduces Levi's writing as a "triumph of human identity and worth over the pathology of human destruction." The appearance of this historic publication will occasion a major reappraisal of "one of the most valuable writers of our time" (Alfred Kazin). The Complete Works of Primo Levi features all new translations of: The Periodic Table, The Drowned and the Saved, The Truce, Natural Histories, Flaw of Form, The Wrench, Lilith, Other People's Trades, and If Not Now, When?-as well as all of Levi's poems, essays, and other nonfiction work, some of which have never appeared before in English.

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