The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Current English: 1911 First Edition.

Fowler, H.W. and F.G.

Picture of The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Current English: 1911 First Edition.
David Crystal has written the introduction to this facsimile edition which was originally published the month of George V's coronation, and a few weeks after the launching of the Titanic

. It was priced at three shillings and sixpence. A review called it 'a marvel of condensation, achieved by skilfull hands.' Some definitions are sometimes strange - can-can

is defined as 'an indecent dance'; and beverage

as 'drinking-liquor'. Really, you must have it.


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The Concise Oxford English Dictionary, today a world-famous bestseller, has always been a ground-breaking dictionary. In its first edition, The Concise Oxford Dictionary was adapted by Henry Watson Fowler and Francis George Fowler from The Oxford Dictionary (now known as he Oxford English Dictionary). It was revolutionary at English today.glish usage and common words and excluding obsolete words. It was the dictionary for speakers and writers in the early 20th century, rival to none. From the beautiful art deco detailing to the faithfully reproduced pages, this edition of The Concise Oxford Dictionary authentically replicates the original 1911 publication. Includes an introduction with an essay from today's foremost commentator on language, David Crystal, setting the book in the political and social context of its time.Explore our language resources on, Oxford's home for dictionaries and language reference. Updated regularly with the latest changes to words and meanings, the site provides hundreds of thousands of definitions, synonyms, and pronunciations in a range of languages. Access the highest quality language content, built from our extensive research, for free on your desktop or device.

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Author Fowler, H.W. and F.G.
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