The Day of Creation.

Ballard, J G.

Picture of The Day of Creation.
Dr. Mallory, working in the parched terrain of central Africa, dreams of a new Nile that will make the desert bloom. As his medical clinic fails, he observes a trickle of water on the local airstrip, and soon a river, which the obsessed Mallory claims as his own creation. Other surreal characters join him and Mallory sets out to find the river’s source.


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On the arid, war-plagued terrain of central Africa, a manic doctor is consumed with visions of transforming the Sahara into a land of abundance. But Dr. Mallory s obsession quickly spirals dangerously out of control. First published in 1987, this classic Ballard thriller continues to resonate with dark implications for the future of humanity (Publishers Weekly).

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Author Ballard, J G.
Format PB
Publisher Liveright Publishing Corporation
Imprint Liveright Publishing Corporation
Publish Date 21/05/2012
Catalogue Feb19
Catalogue book number 186