The Dhea Breakthrough.

Cherniske, Stephen.

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DO YOU WANT ...The high energy you enjoyed in your twenties and thirties? Protection against cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis? Renewed sexual appetite and vigor? To beat depression, boost your memory, and handle stress? To lose body fat while building up your lean muscle mass? DHEA can do all this and more! In The DHEA Breakthrough, biochemist Stephen Cherniske gives you all the information you need to take advantage of and maximize the extraordinary properties of this superhormone--safely and effectively. The DHEA Breakthrough contains the easy-to-implement DHEA Plan, including a diet designed for our "paleolithic" bodies, stress reduction techniques, and an exercise program that eases you into the next level of performance, no matter where you are now. With this comprehensive, accessible book, you can look forward to a longer, more satisfying, more healthful life!

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Author Cherniske, Stephen.
Format PB
Publisher Random House USA Inc
Imprint Ballantine Books Inc.
Number of Pages 356
Illustrations illustrations
Publish Date 27/05/1998
Catalogue MP064
Catalogue book number 13