The English Civil Wars: A Beginner's Guide.

Little, Patrick.

Picture of The English Civil Wars: A Beginner's Guide.
He provides a concise account of the conflicts in the Civil War, and tries to give an understanding of what it was like to live through those traumatic times. Universally well-reviewed, it makes difficult concepts simple. 'Clear, readable and informative, the best starting-point for those coming new to the subject.'


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A king beheaded. A monarchy abolished. And a commoner leading a republic by military rule set in their place. The wars that tore through the country in the mid-seventeenth century - splitting government, communities and families alike - were a true watershed in English history. But how, with Queen Elizabeth I's Golden Age still in living memory, did such a situation arise? Exploring the period's political disputes, religious conflicts and military battles, Patrick Little scrutinizes the nature and practicalities of conducting a civil war on English soil, as well as the experiences and motivations of key factions and combatants. By assessing how the realities of life in England shaped the conflict -and were torn apart by it - this wonderfully readable Beginner's Guide gets to the very heart of how a people came to kill their king.

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Author Little, Patrick.
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Series Title Beginner's Guides
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Publish Date 3/07/2014
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