The English Garden.

Baird, Iona

Picture of The English Garden.
Prepare to be inspired by one hundred English gardens of the highest quality. You will be compelled to venture outdoors and explore the wonderful potential of any garden. Stunning photography sets the scene for examples of English gardens with themes ranging from delicate eighteenth century styles to contemporary architectural marvels. Arranged chronologically, take a walk through time and admire some of the most spectacular scenery you will ever see in the humble garden.


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An illustrated survey of 100 English gardens from the sixteenth century to the present day, arranged in chronological order for a general readership. The selection ranges from the formal garden to the picturesque, from Arts and Crafts to modern. Each entry features a full-page image and a concise text detailing the garden's historical and stylistic importance and that of its designer, patron or maker.

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Author Baird, Iona
Format HC
Publish Date 1900/01/00
Catalogue Apr16
Catalogue book number 120