The First World War in the Air: 5 Minute History.

Ferguson, Norman.

Picture of The First World War in the Air: 5 Minute History.
Aircraft were made with fabric wrapped around wooden frames, and early models were unarmed. Pilots were given the barest training or experience, and if they managed to live after shooting down more than five enemy aircraft, they were lauded as ‘aces’.


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How much can you really find out about the War in the Air during the First World War in five minutes? This handy little history book will surpass all your expectations and leave you well versed on all you wish to know, and maybe even a little bit more... Who was the highest-scoring ace? Which plane looked like a dog begging? What was the Black Flight? How many died in the first Blitz? What was the Fokker Scourge? Jam-packed with facts, stats and first-hand accounts of the action, all woven together in an accessible way by an expert in the field, this 5 Minute History is a valuable addition to anyone's bookshelf, ready to be delved into at a moment's notice.

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Author Ferguson, Norman.
Format PB
Publisher The History Press Ltd
Imprint The History Press Ltd
Number of Pages 128
Publish Date 7/04/2014
Catalogue LDec8
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