The Food Companions: Cinema and Consumption in Wartime Britain, 1939-45.

Farmer, Richard.

Picture of The Food Companions: Cinema and Consumption in Wartime Britain, 1939-45.
Looks at some of the different ways in which food was used in both propaganda and commercial films (and other media) to explore the national and individual experience of the war. It investigates how the crucially significant issue of food in wartime was treated in the films of the period. B/W illustrations.


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The introduction of rationing in January 1940 ensured that food became a central concern for the British people during the Second World War. The food companions investigates the cinema of this period and demonstrates the cultural impact that rationing and food control had on both government propaganda and commercial feature films. Combining archival research, detailed film analysis, and the extensive use of contemporary documents and resources, this book is the first to fully address the extensive propaganda work of the Ministry of Food both inside and outside the cinema. It also explores the tensions contained in images of communal dining, investigating the role that food played in Gainsborough's narratives of excess and identifying and analysing a cycle of black-market feature films. Lively and illuminating, The food companions will be welcomed by film scholars, historians, students, and anyone who has ever wondered about the important contribution that tea made during the war to shaping ideas of Britishness. -- .

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Author Farmer, Richard.
Format HC
Series Title Studies in Popular Culture
Publisher Manchester University Press
Imprint Manchester University Press
Number of Pages 272
Illustrations Illustrations, black & white
Publish Date 31/08/2011
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