The Fry Chronicles.

Fry, Stephen.

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It is bold, brave, revealing and heartfelt, and is wonderful reading. When he arrived to study at Cambridge he was a convicted fraudster and thief, an addict, liar, fantasist and failed suicide. He believed he would be discovered and thrown out at any moment. But at Cambridge he found love, romance, and the chance to begin his life as an entertainer. Illustrated with colour and b/w photos


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This is the engrossing, hilarious, and utterly compelling story of how the Stephen the world knows (or thinks it knows) found his way. Tales of champagne, love, and conspicuous consumption jostle with insights into Broadway and TV stardom. A feat of trademark wit and verbal brilliance, this is a book unafraid of confronting the chasm that separates celebrity from a young man's personal reality.

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Author Fry, Stephen.
Format HC
Publisher Overlook Press
Imprint Overlook Press
Illustrations Illustrations, color; Illustrations, black and white
Publish Date 19/01/2012
Catalogue Feb18
Catalogue book number 35