The Islamic Jesus: How the King of the Jews Became a Prophet of the Muslims.

Akyol, Mustafa.

Picture of The Islamic Jesus: How the King of the Jews Became a Prophet of the Muslims.
Throughout the whole Qur’an, there is only one woman mentioned by her name. She is exceptionally praised, as someone that God ‘has chosen over all other women.’ She is, however, none other than Mary, the mother of Jesus. Jesus is also venerated throughout the Qur’an. Akyol addresses the question of how a Jewish preacher who became the Christian Messiah also became one of the most admired figures in the Quran.


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When Reza Aslan's bestseller Zealot came out in 2013, there was criticism that he hadn't addressed his Muslim faith while writing the origin story of Christianity. In fact, Ross Douthat of The New York Times wrote that "if Aslan had actually written in defense of the Islamic view of Jesus, that would have been something provocative and new." Mustafa Akyol's The Islamic Jesus is that book. The Islamic Jesus reveals startling new truths about Islam in the context of the first Muslims and the early origins of Christianity. Muslims and the first Christians-the Jewish followers of Jesus-saw Jesus as not divine but rather as a prophet and human Messiah and that salvation comes from faith and good works, not merely as faith, as Christians would later emphasize. What Akyol seeks to reveal are how these core beliefs of Jewish Christianity, which got lost in history as a heresy, emerged in a new religion born in 7th Arabia: Islam. Akyol exposes this extraordinary historical connection between Judaism, Jewish Christianity and Islam-a major mystery unexplored by academia. From Jesus' Jewish followers to the Nazarenes and Ebionites to the Qu'ran's stories of Mary and Jesus, The Islamic Jesus will reveal links between religions that seem so contrary today. It will also call on Muslims to discover their own Jesus, at a time when they are troubled by their own Pharisees and Zealots.

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Author Akyol, Mustafa.
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Publish Date 22/02/2017
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