The Joy of Quiz.

Connor, Alan.

Picture of The Joy of Quiz.
Uncovers the history of one of our strangest pastimes…'sitting round answering questions on various topics, sometimes in the hope of winning a speedboat or a ham.' Find out about the best way to win; the greatest quizzer; when pub quizzes began; the worst and best cheats; and lots more. This ultimate celebration of all things quizzical includes 300 quiz questions to test yourself on.


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In 1938 Britain started to quiz. Since then, quizzes have become ubiquitous entertainment from pubs to primetime, suffered major criminal investigations, created unlikely folk heroes and been subjected to the rigours of question checkers. The Joy of Quiz tells the history of quiz and its makers, wonders how we came to make a game out of remembering scraps of information, looks at the tactics of professional quizzers and reveals the shadowy worlds of setters and checkers. Along the way, it asks questions such as 'What is a fact, anyway?' and 'Whatever happened to prizes like sandwich toasters?'

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Author Connor, Alan.
Format PB
Publisher Penguin Books Ltd
Imprint Penguin Books Ltd
Number of Pages 320
Publish Date 2/11/2017
Catalogue Oct18
Catalogue book number 1012