The Last Garden.

Hornung, Eva.

Picture of The Last Garden.
Benedict Orion comes from a small community called Wahrheit, founded to await the coming of the Messiah. When he returns from boarding school he finds his father has shot his mother and then himself. Benedict’s grief is overwhelming, and as Pastor Helfgott watches over Benedict he begins to feel the subtle fraying of their faith. ’A compelling tale of loss and rediscovery.’


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The settlement of Wahrheit, founded in exile to await the return of the Messiah, has been waiting longer than expected. Pastor Helfgott has begun to feel the subtle fraying of the community's faith. Then Matthias Orion shoots his wife and himself, on the very day their son Benedict returns home from boarding school. Benedict is unmoored by shock, severed from his past and his future. Unable to be inside the house, unable to speak, he moves into the barn with the horses and chooks, relying on the animals' strength and the rhythm of the working day to hold his shattered self together. The pastor watches over Benedict through the year of his crazy grief- man and boy growing, each according to his own capacity, as they come to terms with the unknowable past and the frailties of being human.

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Author Hornung, Eva.
Format PB
Publisher Text Publishing
Number of Pages 234
Publish Date 1/01/2017
Catalogue Apr18
Catalogue book number 4035