The Lone Child.

George, Anna.

Picture of The Lone Child.
Neve’s mother died when she was seven. Now Neve’s partner has abandoned her when she is eight months pregnant. Neve and her new-born son retreat to her holiday home in the coastal town of Flinders. She is drawn to a young girl, Jessie who becomes an unlikely source of much needed care for Neve and her baby. Neve is touched and grapples with how best to help this child, who seems forgotten by her own mother.


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'Absolutely arresting. A story shaped by contemporary social inequalities, their chilling consequences and, above all, the powerful, life-affirming love of women for their own and other people's children.? Zoe Morrison, author of Music and FreedomNeve Ayres has always been so careful. Since her mother?s death when Neve was seven, she?s learned to look after herself and to keep her cards close. But now her deliberately constructed world has collapsed- her partner?s left her when she was eight months pregnant. And so, alone with her newborn son, she?s retreated to her cliff-top holiday house in coastal Flinders. There, another child comes into her life. The first time Neve sees Jessie, the small girl is playing on an empty stretch of beach. On the cold autumn day, she is bare-legged and alone, while her mother is distracted by her own troubles. At once, almost despite herself, Neve is intrigued and concerned, and Jessie is drawn to Neve?s kindness - and to her home. To Neve?s surprise, Jessie becomes an unlikely source of much needed care for her and her baby. Having been lost in the sleepless haze of new motherhood, Neve is touched, and finds herself grappling with how to best help the forgotten girl. She has the spacious house, the full pantry, the resources . . . But how much can you - should you - do for a stranger?s child? Beautifully written and emotionally compelling, The Lone Child is about parenting and judgement, loss and love. From the acclaimed author of What Came Before, this is a gripping, atmospheric novel that explores how the desire to mother, and to be mothered, can be overwhelmingly seductive.'Absorbing and poignant, written with tenderness and insight, The Lone Child explores the formidable bonds between mother and child.' Sara Foster, author of The Hidden Hours'A sensitive evocation of the sometimes dark and disorienting nature of motherhood, George?s haunting tale reminds us of the redemptive power of human connection.? Wendy James, author of The Golden Child

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Author George, Anna.
Format PB
Publisher Penguin Books Australia
Imprint Viking Australia
Number of Pages 272
Publish Date 31/07/2017
Catalogue Oct18
Catalogue book number 1024