The Making of Martin Sparrow.

Cochrane, Peter.

Picture of The Making of Martin Sparrow.
In 1806 a great flood devastated the Hawkesbury’s farming community. It ruins Martin Sparrow, an ex-convict, so he decides to travel over the mountains and renew his life. But his decision causes a harrowing chain of events, and draws in an amazing cast of fascinating characters. ‘An epic of chance and endurance, a masterpiece of language and atmosphere.’


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Martin Sparrow is already struggling when the Hawkesbury's great flood of March 1806 lays waste to him and his farm. Luckless, lovelorn and deep in debt, the ex-convict is confronted with a choice. He can buckle down and set about his agricultural recovery, or he can heed the whispers of an earthly paradise on the far side of the mountains - a place where men are truly free - and strike out for a new life. But what chance of renewal is there for a man like Sparrow in either the brutal colony or the forbidding wilderness? The decision he makes triggers a harrowing chain of events and draws in a cast of extraordinary characters, including Alister Mackie, the chief constable on the river; his deputy, Thaddeus Cuff; the vicious hunter, Griffin Pinney; the Romany girl, Bea Faa; and the young Aboriginal men, Caleb and Moowut'tin, caught between war and peace. Set against the awe-inspiring immensity of the hinterland west of the Hawkesbury River, this epic of chance and endurance is an immersion into another time, a masterpiece of language and atmosphere. Rich, raw, strangely beautiful and utterly convincing, The Making of Martin Sparrow reveals Peter Cochrane - already one of our leading historians - as one of our most compelling novelists.

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Author Cochrane, Peter.
Format PB
Publisher Penguin Putnam Inc
Imprint Viking
Number of Pages 512
Publish Date 30/04/2018
Catalogue Jul19
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