The Mammoth Book of Shark Attacks.

MacCormick, Alex and Green, Rod.

Picture of The Mammoth Book of Shark Attacks.
Contains over 400 accounts of shark attacks from around the world. It certainly lets us know in which parts of the world shark attacks are most likely to occur. We find not only many accounts of gruesome shark attacks, but also enlightening and surprising information about sharks from 1900 to 2013. Some colour photos.


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Hundreds of terrifying shark attacks occur every year and this book collects the most exciting, breathtaking, and heartrending. From the 800 pound tiger shark that was cut opened to reveal a human head to the 69 year old man who jumped off his back dock into the mouth of a bull shark, these are the most gruesome shark tales. Includes an extensive introduction, listing of shark attacks, and bibliography, plus 30 line drawings of the most dangerous shark species.

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Author MacCormick, Alex and Green, Rod.
Format PB
Publisher Robinson.
Number of Pages 298
Publish Date 1/01/2013
Catalogue May18
Catalogue book number 158