The Mindfulness Puzzle Book 2.

Moore, Dr Gareth.

Picture of The Mindfulness Puzzle Book 2.
These are intended to relax your brain and inspire creativity. As you successfully complete each puzzle, you can feel the tension release and endorphin buzz. A wonderful collection of over 160 carefully chosen classic puzzle types for you to enjoy.


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Puzzle-solving is a favourite relaxation technique for many, and this second collection once again features wide range of specially selected games to provide the perfect level of challenge and reward for your brain. Feel the tension release as you focus on each achievable and fun task, and experience the endorphin reward buzz as you successfully complete each puzzle. Stimulating your mind with each puzzle also helps unlock your brain's innate creativity, just as sleep and rest can help you reach a breakthrough on pending tasks. This book will help you feel refreshed and renewed, and ready to carry on with your daily life. Puzzles include a wide selection of standard puzzle types, avoiding the stress of the new, but without the boredom of over-repetition. They also include adult versions of relaxing kids' activities, such as dot-to-dots, mazes and even colouring and spot-the-difference puzzles.

Book Details

Author Moore, Dr Gareth.
Format PB
Publisher Little, Brown Book Group
Imprint Robinson
Number of Pages 192
Illustrations Puzzles
Publish Date 12/10/2017
Catalogue May19
Catalogue book number 194