The Most Beautiful Villages of Brittany.

Bentley, James.

Picture of The Most Beautiful Villages of Brittany.
Beautifully illustrated and with concise histories of the 31 villages and islands that make up one of France’s most distinct regions, Brittany is regarded as one of Europe's most popular tourist spots. I visited last year taking the ferry from St Helier in Jersey to St. Malo, it was such a clear day I could see stunning Mont St. Michel which is in Normandy as we sailed by. Complete with a map and traveler's guide this is almost as good as being there.


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A visual and verbal account of 31 villages and islands in one of Europe's most popular tourist spots. The villages are drawn from the four departments of modern-day Brittany: Finistere, Morbihan, Ille-et-Vilaine and Cotes-d'Armor. Brittany is very distinct from the rest of France. It is a place of dramatic contrasts - a jagged coastline, fertile plains and wild moorland. Its people and culture are Celtic; legend has it that King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table gathered in the Forest of Paimpont, and that Merlin is buried close by. Centuries of religious piety are enshrined in Breton architecture. Brittany's vigorous and varied village life and architecture are captured here in James Bentley's commentaries and Hugh Palmer's evocative photographs.

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Author Bentley, James.
Format HC
Publisher Thames & Hudson Ltd
Imprint Thames & Hudson Ltd
Number of Pages 208
Illustrations 251 colour illustrations
Publish Date 1/09/1999
Catalogue Jan19
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